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Sonnd Mix


Sound Mix

I run a Protools Flex/Ultimate system with 7.1.4 monitoring

I mix in multiple formats such as Theatrical/Home Atmos , 7.1 , 5.1, IMAX , 5.1 nearfield for the Disney Plus/Netflix spec and 5.1 & LoRo for the TV R128 spec.

​I can supply immersive formats such as Atmos & Ambisonics and files ready for Apple Spatial encoding . These can be mixed from scratch, stems or upmixed from the original Stereo masters . I can also provide upmixed binaural, 5.1, 7.1 & 7.1.2 elements. 

Sound Edit


Sound Edit

A complete edit solution for your project including tracklay, dialog edit & clean up, music edit & sound design .



Restoration & Remastering

Clean up of noisy dialogue tracks. Revitalising poorly recorded or dull sounding audio. 

Restoration, re-imaging and remastering of old & archive audio recordings from music to legacy Film & TV projects.

Repurposing of audio for use in multiple formats.

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